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Copenhagen Airport: Focusing on “Total Cost of Operation”

Increasing passenger flow and a limited number of check-in desks, only a few years ago Copenhagen Airport (CPH) faced this challenge. CPH opted to install the Xovis Person Tracking System which provides a full overview of waiting times, queue lengths, flows and congestion in all check-in areas and border control areas. The data has since become a base for dialogue between airport stakeholders in matters related to check-in and border control.

The collected data is accessed live by the border police and passenger duty manager, allowing them to respond to queue buildings in real time and to steer the passenger flow accordingly. With Xovis data fully transferred to the Copenhagen Airport Data Warehouse, performance data on waiting times are integrated with remaining performance KPIs for the Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting to all stakeholders.

Esben Kolind, Head of Operational and Business Analysis, explains: “Xovis data forms an excellent basis for discussions with Airlines and Ground Handlers on how to optimize existing check-in procedures, focusing on the “Total Cost of Operations” (TCO)”. For example, opening times and the number of counters open during the day may be adjusted or advantages of the common use setups and self- service bag drops are evaluated. Implementing such initiatives often has the effect that airlines may reduce the total number of counter hours purchased by ensuring that no agents are waiting for passengers. On the other hand ground handlers may reduce the peak demand for staff by distributing the load more effectively. Copenhagen Airports on their part reduce the total demand for check-in counters in peak by ensuring that all counters are used efficiently.

Via initiatives as described above, CPH estimates that peak check-in counter demand has been reduced by 3-4 counters over the last few years. CPH already has a high utilization of the check-in capacity and the possibility of data exchange between various stakeholders has allowed CPH to postpone extremely costly investments, such as building new check-in counters. An investment that would have required substantial rebuilding of existing terminal facilities. According to Esben Kolind, a solid data foundation, as provided by the Xovis system, has played a key role in the success of these initiatives.


The set up at Copenhagen Airport

For the full waiting area including 56 desks on 1500m², Xovis PTS allows to:

  • detect individual and real-time queues and the desk allocations
  • measure queue length and waiting times before/after check-in has started
  • passenger outflow rates and average process time per check-in process/desks
  • number of PAX processed
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