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Xovis Retail enters partnership with Lab4Motion

Xovis AG, a high-tech sensor manufacturing company from Switzerland, today announced that it has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Lab4Motion, a company which is very quickly expanding and capturing a significant share in the video customer behavior analysis market segment. “We are excited about this strategic cooperation agreement with Lab4motion as we can support each other and work together to provide to the end customers a top of the class service offering,” said David Studer, Xovis’ co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We are convinced that the combination of Lab4motion’s superior analytics platform with the Xovis product offering will further support our expansion into the global retail market.”

“Throughout many integrations with our customers, in many verticals, we have come to the same conclusion, that the Xovis solution provides the most cost effective solution while concurrently the highest quality of recognition,” said; Michal Kowalski,Lab4motion founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Therefore it is only common sense that such a partnership agreement is of common interest to both parties.”

With the strategic partnership agreement both companies will work together to further improve the functionalities provided by the respective solutions while concurrently ensuring best of the class service to their customers.

About Xovis

Xovis is a Swiss high-tech company incorporated in 2008. Xovis develops and commercializes systems and sensors for people counting and tracking and similar applications. Xovis is the worldwide technology leader in passenger flow analysis and waiting time measurements in airports. More than 20 of the major airports worldwide trust in the Xovis 3D technology today.

Xovis’ mission is to constantly improve its vision-based person tracking technology to be able to reach outstanding tracking results close to perfection, enabling install customers to solve the future challenges in flow analysis and steering, from displaying of predictive waiting times to the seamless tracking of traffic in various environments.

About Lab4motion

Founded in 2011, and winner of the regional 2013 IBM SmartCamp Challenge, Lab4Motion has quickly become a recognized brand providing a revolutionary solution which allows to close the marketing loop with the ability to match customers’ online and offline behavior. Scalable in all verticals, Lab4motion’s technology, based on secure and privacy compliant video image processing technology and combined with other sources, provides comprehensive real-time analytics of business processes allowing to assess the customer journey, customer experience, and customer service at a very detailed level. Data gathered by the system is consolidated in easy to read dashboards customized to meet each customers’ and specific user types’ needs. The technology is furthermore reinforced with an alert communication mechanism which supports the operational and management team during their day-to-day activities, allowing to react in real time to problems as they occur, and sometimes even before, when the opportunity to fix them minimizes the negative consequences which may arise if left unattended.

Lab4Motion is run by a team of experienced specialists who have complimentary experience in sales, consulting, engineering, and technology ensuring that our customers receive the greatest added value from the solution.

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